Monday, March 16, 2015

Not Just Berlin Anymore...

Another update to the plans surrounding this blog is our travel itinerary, as well as who is taking the trip.  In addition to my wife and daughter, my mother will be coming with us for the entire time and my brother will be flying in during the middle of the trip for two weeks.  Instead of traveling only to Berlin, we're planning on traveling a little more extensively.  Here is a breakdown of our upcoming travel plans.


We're flying into Berlin via New York and staying there for a little less than three weeks.  We're renting a nice apartment in Pankow through AirBnb (I'll have a post about AirBnb coming up).  My brother will be arriving our last week there.


In the middle of our time in Berlin, we will be flying to Paris for two evenings.  We're renting an apartment in the 10th ARR near the République Metro Station.


After Berlin, we will take a train to Prague and stay there for a week.


After Prague, we will take a train to Munich and stay there for a week.  In the middle of this stay, we may take a day trip to Austria.  At the end of this stay, we will fly from Munich, back to New York.

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