Thursday, March 19, 2015

Staying on Track while Sick

One of my biggest difficulties has been staying on track with my healthy eating while feeling ill.  When my normal routine gets disrupted by being bed-bound and not working, it has been far easier in the past to simply order some fast food and not track.  Since the progression from sick to well is not a sharp transition, this has always been a problem for me to start eating well again, because it was far easier to keep eating badly.  Essentially, being sick has been a traditional point where I would typically fall off the wagon.

Unfortunately, I found myself in a situation again where I am not feeling well.  On Tuesday, I started to come down with a head cold and sore throat.  Today, I have lost my voice.

Fortunately, I haven't fallen into old habits this time by pushing my Weight Watchers tracker to the side and eating what was easiest.  Instead, I recognized this bad habit and continued to eat fruits and vegetables, while tracking all items that I ate.

The big lesson here is that it is important to recognize and visualize past difficulties in order to change those behaviors and make new routines.

As an additional note, I'm spending this morning watching European travel videos, which is a good reminder of my ultimate goal - 100 Pounds to Berlin.

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