Monday, May 12, 2014

"No cigars during the workday" Weekly Goal Recap

Last week, I set the goal of limiting my cigar smoking by attempting to not have cigars during the workdays.  This would change my normal routine of taking a mid day break and going to have a cigar at the Owl Shop.

I'm happy to report that I met this goal and avoided having a cigar during the workday Monday through Friday.  This was no small feat for me, since I typically use cigar smoking as a means to relax and last week was extremely stressful.

Not only did I limit my during the workday smoking, I didn't lapse into having them in the evening instead.  Altogether, I only had a single cigar all week!  This is a significant improvement.

Because of this, I am breathing better and feeling more energetic.  It also saves me some money.  I plan on sticking to this new goal this week and continuing to improve!


  1. It's helpful to replace the negative habit with a positive one so you don't feel deprived. Maybe going to the gym, practicing a musical instrument, reading a book meditating, etc. BTW good work on cutting back.

  2. I'm trying to replace my daily outing to the Owl Shop with a walk instead. It gets me out of the office still, but is healthy instead of harmful :)